The Best Afternoon

Yesterday I had the most peculiar afternoon I’ve had in a while. I had just picked up a large pizza for myself and my co-workers after seeing the most original type of advertisement I’ve seen in a long time! The pizza place was advertising itself with a mannequin dressed in a big pizza costume and it held a sign that said “I’m hot and delicious, come and try me!” which I thought was hilarious. Anyway, the advertising worked, as it got me into that shop I probably would never have noticed if they didn’t have the mannequin outside. When I went inside to place my order I asked the manager about the mannequin outside, he told me it was called a sign doll. They have been using it for three or four months now and he said business has really picked up. There were a lot of people like me who did not know the business was even there, but when they put this mannequin outside it seems like everyone wants to stop in and get a slice now. I bet the business owner is very happy he decided to get a sign doll, I know I would be if I were him.



How Sign Dolls Can Help You Increase Business

Are you looking for new ways to increase business? Sure, you’ve tried all of the regular ways, like taking ads out in the local newspaper and posting flyers. Or perhaps you’ve asked satisfied customers to share reviews on online forums. But you’ve exhausted all of those options and now you want something different.

What is a “Sign Doll?”

A sign doll is a uniquely powerful advertising technique that gets people’s attention and gets your name out there. Basically, it is a basic robot that holds a sign in a way that people notice it. Depending on the make and model, the doll may wave the sign or move it in a circle in order to attract attention. It is the same idea as a human sign spinner, but without having to work around sick leave, hours and pay.

How can Sign Dolls increase your business?

Sign dolls are an easy, low-maintenance way to get attention and attract potential customers. All you have to do is plunk the doll in a location that sees a lot of traffic, such as a parking lot for a supermarket or the center of town, and turn it on. Then, everyone who walks or drives by will see the doll waving the sign for your business and will be more likely to consider buying from you. Whether you sell paper, run a restaurant, or manage a graphic design business, a sign-waving mannequin can help increase your client base!

Benefits of sign dolls

Why Buy Sign Dolls

The great thing about these dolls is that they are incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike sign spinners, they don’t require any human interaction whatsoever. They will not require sick leave, hourly pay, lunch breaks or team meetings. They will never miss a shift due to a childcare problem or complain about a lack of vacation time. You get to have 100% of the control. You will never have to deal with a complaint about standing in the sun or have a difficult conversation about letting the doll go. It is a completely digital way to deal with spinning signs without the headache of dealing with a human being.

Furthermore, these dolls are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance work. They will start up every time with just the flick of an “on” switch. All you have to do is provide the sign and you’re good to go!


Five Ways To Promote Your Brand

Are you a business-owner looking to build your brand, thereby attracting a greater variety of clientele? Branding is very important for your business because it helps create a bond with your customers so that they are more likely to choose you at first and also remain loyal to you in the future.

Sign Waving Mannequin by Sign Dolls

Sign Waving Mannequin by Sign Dolls

However, it can be difficult to get started building and refining your brand. Since it’s an advertising technique, it may require an initial investment, and will also require some strategy. All of this will depend on the direction you wish to go and how much time and money you are willing to spend. But to help you get started, here are five interesting and unique ways to start to think about how to build your brand.

Create a Facebook page

Since most of the world is on Facebook now, a great place to start is by creating a fan page that users can “like” and follow you with. You can post periodic updates such as company news, updates from the website, information about new products, and even discounts and offers. Even a simple “like if you’re glad it’s Friday” graphic will help you connect with fans and help them remember you, thereby helping nudge them into buying from you instead of from someone else.

Get on Twitter

Twitter will also help you connect with users, but you should post in quick, direct statuses so that you don’t lose people’s attention.

Consider a company blog

Creating a blog for your company will not only give you a chance to share updates, but will also give you an opportunity to use SEO to boost your rankings within Google.

Use Sign Dolls

A Sign Doll sign-waving mannequin is a great way to get your name out there. Basically, sign-waving mannequins attract attention by waving signs similar to sign-spinners, but don’t require the level of maintenance that salaried employees require. A sign-waving mannequin is basically a robot that holds a sign so that people can see it and remember it.You can find a sign-waving mannequin through specialty shops or online.

Always be fine-tuning

Finally, your brand should never be static. You should always be thinking of fun new ways to provide new information and keep your clients entertained. You should always be thinking of ways to refine your strategy and make your brand more stream-lined.


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